Sammi (boi_in_boots) wrote in glbtq_louisiana,

Intro business

1. Name: Sam / Shane (Sam is my andro name cause my femme name is Samantha, and my legal first name is Samuel.)
2. Location: Lafayette, Louisiana - Living in CC on campus
3. Orientation: straight crossdresser- with a touch or more of bi-genderedness
4. Age: 24
5. A little about yourself: Not much to tell really that hasn't already been said. I'm a psych major at UL, a member of the Pride Society as well as Psi Co (the psych group for ALL psych majors and minors). If all goes according to plan, I won't be in Louisiana by Christmas anymore, but I want to stay a part of Louisiana LJ stuff since this has been my home for 24 years.
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