master_taters (master_taters) wrote in glbtq_louisiana,

I would really love some imput

I'm a huge Youtuber, I can literally spend hours on that sit and I have no idea what I will end up watching.

Yesterday I ended up watching a bunch of propaganda videos by Westbro Baptist Church (dum dum dum!)
yeah like I said NO idea. I've seen them before and I know that they preach nothing but hate and bigotry. But it really got to me this time, I was so angry. But then I realized that getting mad does nothing but give them what they want. I want to do something about it, but I have no idea where to even start. Jennie and I don't have much money so it's not like I could donate to anything.But I would REALLY like to start a movement out here in Louisiana. I want to have the right to marry the woman I love, and I'm tired of sitting around wishing it would happen sooner. I want to act. But How??
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