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GLBTQ in Louisiana

GLBTQ Louisiana News
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This community has been set up to raise awareness in the GLBTQ community of newsworthy information in Louisiana.

THIS IS NOT A PERSONALS SITE. Any advertising for a hookup or dating will result in you being banned.

All members can post. Non-members cannot post comments.

Any hate speech whatsoever directed to any minority or majority based on race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation (or any other sort of discriminatory remarks) will also result in you being banned.

Another purpose for this community is to gather people together to promote a healthy, positive image of the GLBTQ community, especially in Louisiana.

THIS COMMUNITY IS ALSO FOR STRAIGHT SUPPORTERS - we always need straight supporters! We are all part of a greater whole, let's bond together and work together!


Individual, non-LJ groups by Louisiana city:

Baton Rouge
Spectrum LSU

Lafayette High Gay/Straight Alliance
UL Lafayette Pride Society


All members are encouraged to fill out this brief introduction, which will be added to the member directory. You have the option to mark your introduction as public or members-only. The directory itself will be members-only.


The Introduction
1. Name:
2. Location:
3. Orientation:
4. Age:
5. A little about yourself:


Promote, promote, promote!

~Kyle, your friendly neighborhood MOD